The Willow Steakhouse

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About Us

The Willow Steakhouse and Saloon celebrates its 150th year with a brand new renovation and the same old ghost! The atmosphere here is truly exciting as Chef/owner Roger Stevens takes back in his kitchen to rave reviews. Families and groups welcome for lunch and dinner, plus cocktails and ghost stories in the beautiful historic bar.

    The History & Mystery

    In 1848, John Periera came from Portugal and engaged in new ventures establishing The Willow in 1862.

    The Willow soon became one of the leading hotels in Tuolumne County; housing many dignitaries and wealthy businessmen who were instrumental in establishing Jamestown as a thriving township. Many businesses were housed here; the first telegraph, medical offices and stage stop. The Willow was truly the heart of a thriving progressive area. It supported the first railway station with transportation and housing for travelers; including President McKinley, Bat Masterson, and Mrs. Robert E. Lee.

    The Willow stands today as a tribute to the pioneer effort and continues to serve the area as a mysterious and romantic dining establishment. The Willow’s history of unexplained fires and documented ghostly occurrences intrigue and fascinate today’s patrons. It is The Willow’s numerous past occupants which set the scene for the mysterious and ghostly activities that continue to haunt and inspire strange sightings. These occurrences have been documented worldwide. The Willow’s historical fires and sightings stem from the many tragedies which befell unsuspecting miners and patrons of the past.

    Today you can enjoy the same fine dining in the romantic and mystical history which spans well over a century.

    — by Sally Hamilton


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